22 November, 2013

Family holiday in the South Pacific

For your family holiday, you need to know you're choosing a destination with something for everyone.

The South Pacific islands are abundant with family-friendly holiday options.

Its warm climate, gently lapping lagoons, friendly locals and laidback atmosphere - not to mention its plethora of adventurous activities - mean that your family time in the Pacific will be enjoyable and memorable.

Any Pacific Island nation is geared up for family fun, but here is a taste of what's on offer.

Samoa's lively, colourful and happy culture is perfect for children - filled with infectious laughter, song and dance that's easy to join into. Filled with stunning scenery, there's always plenty to explore.

Cycle together along the smoothly paved roads lined with plenty of fresh water swimming pools, and stop off so you can cool down along the way.

There is little traffic, so the most you'll need to remember is to smile and wave at local villagers as they pass by. Kids will also love an authentic beach fale experience.

Stay in traditional-style beach hut accommodation, propped above the sand on stilts.

Your kids can make their sandcastles right outside. Don't forget swimming with the turtles, or exploring local swimming holes and lagoons.

Learn the local lingo - it's always fun to try and the locals love it! At the very least learn to say hello, please and thank you.

Take Mum and Dad to a traditional local dance and song show and try some local food like taro and breadfruit cooked traditionally in an underground oven.

Go snorkelling and get up close and personal to many friendly, vibrant and tropical fish. If you're old enough you may be able to learn to scuba dive in the resort pool * Visit a local village if you can, to learn how the locals live and play.

Meet up with some of the local kids. Make sure to get their address so that you can write to them when you return home. * Watch the geckos wandering the walls and ceilings of buildings - they're fun to watch and do a great job of keeping the mozzie population down.

Visit the local markets - fun for all ages. You might even get to buy a souvenir here with your pocket money!

How about a day at the beach, swimming, hunting for crabs, building sand castles and flying a kite - cool fun!

Source - www.stuff.co.nz (Inspire Magazine - Content provided by House of Travel)

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