20 April, 2014

Just another day in Samoa

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PARADISE NEVER ENDS: Behind every cluster of palm trees lies a beautiful stretch of golden beach awaiting your visit.

If you're looking for paradise, then head to the South Pacific shores of Samoa.

Behind every cluster of palm trees lies a beautiful stretch of golden beach awaiting your visit.

Check out one of these sunny Samoan spots you're sure to fall in love with - why not book that holiday time now and start packing your bags?

Lalomanu Beach
On Upolu, Samoa's most populated island, you'll find Lalomanu Beach nestled in the south-east. This is one beach not to be missed off your Samoan bucket list, as it's as picture-perfect as a postcard. Plunge into the crystalline waters or simply lounge on the soft sand with a good read. Don't forget about the part where you sip on tropical fruity cocktails.

Aganoa Black Sand Beach
For those craving a little more adventure with their beach journey, Aganoa Black Sand Beach is a great option. The only land access to its pristine shore is via a rather rough and tumble 4WD track, however it can also be accessed by boat from nearby Maninoa.

Once you're there, you can enjoy splashing around or checking out the sheer variety of life in the underwater world with a spot of snorkelling. Expect to see formations of gently swaying coral, schools of colourful fish and other marine animals.

Cape Mulinu'u
Located on Samoa's largest island of Savai'i, Cape Mulinu'u has both natural beauty and historical significance. It's the country's westernmost location, and local legend tells that the dead pass into the underworld here, although you'll likely be too distracted by the palm-fringed golden shores to be worried about that!

Some travellers also know this place as Sandy Beach as it's one of the last places in the world to watch the sunset.

Spend a long, languid day here before saying goodnight.

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