27 April, 2012

Samoa Celebrates The Reopening Of Salani Surf Resort

In 2009 the devastating tsunami that struck Samoa wiped Salani Surf Resort off the face of the Earth. Operated by surfers for surfers, Salani was their retreat and its destruction dealt Samoa a cruel blow with the backpacker and surfing market losing one of its key drawcards.

Samoa Tourism Authority is proud to announce that Salani Surf Resort Samoa is nowback better than ever with better facilities sure to attract a new market – Flashpackers.

Situated on the idyllic South East coast of Upolu, Salani Surf Resort is made up of eight ventilated and elevated fales (bungalows), all with lagoon and river views.  

To maintain quality and guest experience the resort hosts no more than 12 surfers at a time, and with easy access to the best breaks in the region, it’s no wonder this is a gem the surfing community have guarded fiercely.

Owner Chris Donato says that apart from its location one of its key selling points is the ability to surf minus the crowds.

“You never really have a crowd here. The way the resort is set up we only have eight rooms and we won’t take more than twelve surfers at the resort at any given time so basically we can guarantee that you’ll never have a crowd out there”.

“The best thing here is you can stand on your porch, see a wave, you can be out there in a few minutes surfing that perfect wave”.

Samoa Tourism Authority says one of Samoa’s treasures is its challenging surf breaks.

“Waves are constant all year round and Samoa’s uncrowded surf spots are the best kept secret in the South Pacific region.  In Samoa, you can count on nobody unexpectedly dropping in on you”.

Officially reopening its doors earlier this year, Chris Donato says the resort is looking forward to welcome back its strong pre-tsunami guests.

“We are rebuilt, we are ready for you guys, come down, get barreled, come to Samoa, it’s a beautiful place, experience our world class surfing”.

Samoa Tourism Authority also says that Samoa offers the perfect combination of fascinating traditions and activities in a laid back setting.

“Just five hours from Australia and a less than four hours from New Zealand, Samoa is a beautiful mix of tradition and adventure. We have a 3,000 old culture called Fa’a Samoa and part of that means that we respect Sunday as a day of rest so no surfing is allowed on a Sunday.  But after 3,000 years of practice we’ve found that it’s good for people to slow down – if only for just one day!”

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