29 April, 2011

Samoa Cultural Village provides ‘purposeful’ demonstrations

The Samoa Tourism Cultural Centre will be kept abuzz with various ‘purposeful’ demonstrations for the next couple of months.

The Samoa Tourism Authority and Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development are working closely together to provide various demonstrations that will not only draw the curious crowds but also provide benefits for those that are doing the demonstrations.

The demonstrations which range from Siapo (tapa cloth) making to Ie Sae (traditionally very fine) mat weaving to carving  and carpentry, are set up, scheduled and on display at the Samoa Tourism Cultural Centre throughout the months of April and May 2011.

The multitude of reasons for carrying out these demonstrations include: providing a visual display and insight for tourists as to what Samoa has to offer in the form of handicrafts, weaving, printing (elei and screen), siapo making, and fine mat weaving, from beginning to the end of each finished item and product.

Also, the demonstrations provide an educational display for the local public that are willing to watch and learn the skills of our own people whose livelihood is dependent on these types of talents.

For the skilled demonstrators, the visual display of their talents is an opportuntiy for them not only to increase people’s awareness of their ability and skill.

This is a financially beneficial venture for the demonstrators also as they are able to sell the products that they have made and they are able to make a profit from their wares.

The Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development which is responsible for providing the people carrying out the demonstrations, is able to use this opportunity to encourage the participants alike to continue to enhance and utilise their skills in this, their own area of expertise.  This is the opportune avenue also for MWCSD to further enhance programmes which they already have in place which encourage people in and around the country in different villages, to take up these types of skills as a way of earning a living for the family.

Samoa Tourism Authority benefits from this project through the display of this side of Samoa’s culture which visitors and Samoans alike are very interested in knowing more about.

The May 2011 demonstrations will run from 9.00am-4.00pm at the Cultural Centre daily, from 02-13 May.

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