20 August, 2010

Samoa Game Fishing Reports Good Times Ahead

Angler looking to fishing in Samoa can expect great times in coming months.  This is the sound advice given by the likes of Greg Hopping of Troppo Fishing Adventures, a local group that provide popular fishing charters and one of the main driving force behind the annual Samoa International Game Fishing Tournaments. 

In efforts to further promote gamefishing adventures in Samoa, Hopping provides a bi-monthly report giving updates on fishing in Samoa to Blue Water Magazine.  This particular magazine which is published and distributed in Australia and New Zealand is dedicated to offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment information.

Hopping’s latest report for July 2010 states that ‘mahi mahi have started to appear in good numbers. All boats have reported landing big bulls between 15kg and 20kg. Towards the end of July the south easterly trades picked up and so did the Wahoo.

Hopping points out that the current choppy sea conditions along with a slight drop in water temperature have lifted the strike rate on blue marlin. Males averaging 100kg are most common. About ten miles from Apia trolling the second drop off and in the waters around the Apia FAD are best. On the best days most boats are raising fish. Capt Alfred Swchalger aboard Kingfisher also reports consistent strikes from sailfish as he trolls the 80m line.

Hopping confirms that as Samoa moves from August into spring, September and October will see the numbers and condition of all species improve further still. October will also see the arrival of the first xos yellowfin of the new season and the arrival of warmer waters will also herald the start of both the doggie and GT seasons.

(Report used by kind courtesy of Greg Hopping)

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