03 November, 2008

Samoa Tourism Exchange '2008'

The Samoa Tourism Authority held a two day Exchange, from Thursday 30th to Friday 31st October 2008, at the Hotel Kitano Tusitala, to improve understanding of the market requirements and foster product development enhancement.

More than 70 local and foreign tourism industry partners came together to effectively share ideas on attainable market tactics, and take a deliberate approach on how to improve product development.

The local tourist industry body capitalized on the rare opportunity to ‘listen’ to foreign investors’ guidelines on how to better sell Samoa as the preferred tourist destination to the rest of the world.  The overseas tourism promoters from both New Zealand and Australia pinpointed universal tourist concerns.  The foreign colleagues came to the same conclusion that overall, the intending tourist would be looking for a quality product and would be expecting value for money they spend.

In response to tourist requirements, the overseas representatives also had the chance to hear from the local tourism industry.  As the Exchange mediator, the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) in joint partnership with the Samoa Hotel Association (SHA), led the way in providing necessary insight into Samoa’s present tourism performance, the trends and influences affecting its progress, and attempts to ‘lift its game to the next level’.  Other productive courses of action being undertaken by local tourism promoters as well as achievements were explained by local industry participants.

In efforts to strengthen the united front STA is working actively on the local and global levels.  There currently exists a good partnership between the public and private tourism sectors.  Internationally, STA is continuing to work hand in hand with the key source markets, namely New Zealand and Australia.  Additionally, STA will maintain its optimistic pursuit of the North America/Canada and United Kingdom/European Markets.   Dynamic preparations and organization by STA of Samoa’s participation in the World Expo Shanghai, China 2010 is confirmation of the Tourism Authority’s commitment to other countries which are great potential markets for Samoa.

The STE 08 concluded on Friday 31st October 2008.


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