05 December, 2011

Samoa's first grander size marlin

They’ve done it again.  A few weeks after landing Samoa’s all time tackle record, the crew of Southern Destiny, captained by Chris Donato, has landed another record. This time, it is Samoa’s first grander size marling weight in at 1025 lbs on the Samoa International Game Fishing Association’s (SIGFA) scale.

Mr Donato explains how the fish was caught: “After catching our 511lb fish on our next day out fishing, our deckhand placed a note reading "please send one grander to Chris Donato on the Southern Destiny" into an empty bottle of rum, put the cap on it, and threw it over board.

“Two weeks later while out fun fishing with buddy, Sal Martelli, of Rumson NJ USA, we had a massive short bait bite on our very productive Black Bart lure which we have nicknamed monster bait.  “The fish came up jumping right away and we all saw her girth and estimated her at 800.

“The boat was in full speed backing down with some serious water in the cockpit just to keep the fish from getting too far into our backing on the 130."

“After the initial run, the battle was very intense lasting two and a half hours."

“At times with the drag over 60lbs, she was hooked in the bill, which may account for her heated runs and heavy drag resistance.  “Pele our Samoan deckhand did a great job on the wire and when we pulled her alongside the boat to try and revive her we realized she looked close to that special number."

“The plan was to release the fish but after looking at the girth and length and doing the math we decided to pull her in."

“We had no flying gaffs ready as our plan was to tag her so Sal jumped in while we held her bill and tail roped her."

“Several hours later after trying to get her in the tuna door we finally gave up tied her to the back of the boat and started dragging her back in.  “On the SIGFA official scales, she went 1025 lbs!"

“Our first Grander and double the Samoan all tackle record we broke only two weeks prior. This fish marks a huge achievement for us on the Southern Destiny and also shows the size and potential of the fish we have in Samoa."

“There are very few Grander's caught in the south Pacific islands and this is the first for Samoa."

“We are all really excited and looking forward to larger fish in the future."

Source: Samoa Observer

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