25 June, 2010

Summer Luxury Holiday Destinations – Samoa

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Last week, we featured the glorious destination of Bali as a perfect place for a luxury holiday in the summer.  This week, we’re heading to the beautiful <leo_highlight>South Pacific to visit the exclusive rare jewel of Samoa.

This gorgeous little country is made up of two large islands and eight small islands.  It’s relatively new to tourism, which virtually guarantees you won’t be swamped by tourists with the same intentions as you – taking advantage of the summer to holiday somewhere beautiful.

Since Samoa is relatively free of tourists, it only boasts a few luxury hotels to cater to them.  The country has a growing interest in tourism, though, so if you’re looking to head out in 2011 or even 2012, it’s highly likely you’ll find a wider selection.  For now, though, Samoa’s offerings are enough to satisfy even the most demanding of travellers.

Visitors after luxury are most often housed in a fale, Samoa’s traditional villa-style house updated to match contemporary standards.  Fales are traditionally open to the world during the day, but yours will be modified to let in the sea air without disrupting your privacy.  At Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa, for example, your fale can open out onto the beach, two woven doors open to let in bright sunshine and the soft sound of waves crashing against the shore.

You’ll also be able to visit native villages and view this traditional architecture in its natural setting.   Marvel at the smiling faces and welcoming culture of the native Samoans as they generously make a space for you in their ceremonies and even homes.

Samoa’s islands are truly beautiful.  You could easily spend your time there just soaking in all the sights, lounging by the beach with a glass of wine in hand.  For many who rush around all year living the corporate lifestyle, such a reprieve sounds like the perfect summer paradise.  Relax under a palm tree in a private hammock, watching seagulls play in the air or reading that book you’ve always meant to get to.  Sounds just like where we’d like to spend our holiday time this summer.

Samoa has plenty to offer for the more active citizens of the world, of course.  The main island, Upolu, houses the biggest city, Apia.  Most resorts and sights are located right here, with Apia’s markets clamouring for attention with the Robert Louis Stevenson museum.  These islands are so stunning that such a master of prose chose to use them as settings for his novels.  If you’re interested in history or literature, you’ll love visiting his mansion and viewing the little things he left behind.  Stevenson was a critic of colonialism in Samoa and lent his voice to arguing on behalf of the natives.  His grave is also located on the island and undoubtedly will become a popular spot for those who enjoy literature as tourism grows in Samoa.

All the usual watersports are available for swimmers, such as scuba diving and snorkelling.  You can play tennis on the beach or enjoy a massage at one of the spas.  Heading out for exploration is encouraged, indeed, required, especially on Savai’i, Samoa’s largest island and just an hour’s ferry away from Upolu.  Savai’i’s rugged island beauty will astonish you with rainforest, volcanic peaks, and lava fields.  You will truly feel that you’ve stepped onto a film set, but the best part is that you’ll be experiencing it all for yourself.  If you’re okay with rougher accommodation, you can stay overnight and imagine yourselves explorers in an unknown and unfamiliar land.

Samoa is an island nation full of mysteries, delights, and sunshine; perfect for your summer holidays.  Book now to get in on the fun for summer 2010.

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