20 December, 2011

Tanoa Tusitala opens new Rejuvenation and Wellness Spa

The Tanoa Tusitala is proud to announce the opening of  the Senikai Rejuvenation and Wellness Spa at The Tanoa Tusitala Hotel in Apia, Samoa. The Facility is due to open in the first quarter of the New Year.

The Spa will be located at the front entrance of the resort overlooking the sea wall and the harbour.

Kalpana Reddy, Director of the Tanoa Hotel Group says “we are very excited about this new facility as it will do much to enhance the overall guest experience at the Hotel.

“Our market research has shown that it will be very well supported by both the Samoan and international visitor market and having such an iconic brand as Senikai will assist in maximising the appeal of this facility, “ says Ms Reddy.

Debra Sadranu, Managing Director of Senikai Spas was in Samoa to make the announcement with the Tanoa Group.

“We at Senikai are delighted to be working closely with the Tanoa Hotel Group in the development and export of Rejuvenation and Wellness Spas within the Pacific. Their growth strategy closely mirrors our own and it is encouraging to see established Pacific companies working together in the development of the Tourism and Rejuvenation and Wellbeing sector.” said Ms Sadranu.

“This is our first new venture in this part of the Pacific and we are extremely confident that it will prove to be a catalyst for other joint ventures with Tanoa.”

Peter Sereno of Samoa Tourism Authority welcomes the addition of the spa facility to one of the most popular hotels in the nation.

“We are excited to welcome Senikai to Samoa – our nation is known for our natural beauty treatments and we look forward to Senikai’s expertise in interpreting the Samoan culture and our ingredients into their program” says Peter.

Photo Credit: Senikai Spas

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