20 February, 2010

Tourism takes the next step

Samoa has taken the next step up to improve the tourism industry.
This week Samoa and many tourism organisations from across the globe will discuss key factors on how to promote the industry.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) with the help of Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) held the Tourism Investment for the Development of Enterprise and Sustainability (TIDES) conference.
PATA is a membership association which motivates the responsibility of development in the Asia Pacific Travel and tourism industry.

 “We are here to stimulate tourism in Samoa,” said Pacific director Chris Flynn.
“To look at areas with potential and to offer advice on how tourism could be better for Samoa.”

TIDES was  a planning process from 2006, until 2010 when Samoa has hosted the first TIDES conference. The organisation was developed as a stepping stone to showcase plans and activities that will boost and strengthen the tourism industry throughout the South Pacific.

The TIDES conference in Samoa focuses on five key ideas to help develop and improve tourism.
• Regional Access (air and sea)
• Marketing and Branding
• Investment
• Sustainability
• Linkages (with other industries)

TIDES also offers:
• A Business to Business (B2B) networking programme in support of new investment and new business partnerships
• An interactive discussion framework designed to promote innovation and new thinking in travel and tourism.
• And a social program which will showcase the best of Samoan hospitality.

“We hope that we are not here just talking to everyone,” said managing director of Keystone Corporate Positioning Donna Meredith.
“We don’t want this to be just another conference, we really want this conference to have huge impact on Samoa’s tourism industry.”
Keystone is also part of the tourism industry.
There are 24 countries including Samoa who are apart of TIDES Samoa 2010.

SOURCE: Samoa Observer

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