28 November, 2008

Tracey Spicer Media Visit

 All smiles after a great holiday experience in Samoa. (From L-R: Son Taj, Tracey Spicer, husband Jason and Daughter Grace)

Through a Samoa Tourism Authority initiative, Tracey Spicer, a well known Australian media personality and Editor of the Out & About with Kids Family Holiday Magazine and online portal, lapped up the sun in Samoa with her family for a whole week, from 21-27th Nov 08 to gain an experience of holidaymaking in Samoa with one’s family.

Ms Spicer will be writing on her own and her family’s (husband Jason and children Taj and Grace) experience in Samoa, for the Out & About with Kids multimedia publishing platform, providing other potentially interested families with a complete holiday information solution to visiting Samoa.  The magazine has a total circulation of 30,000 copies and a readership of 200,000. Ms. Spicer has scheduled the inclusion of her write ups on their Samoa trip in the Out & About with Kids’ upcoming Autumn and Winter issues.

As a renowned journalist, Ms. Spicer will undoubtedly be providing articles of Samoa as a tourist destination to other magazines of which she is also a regular contributor, such as Woman’s Day, Out There Magazine and En Route Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Weight Watchers Magazine, Toyota's In-house Drive Magazine to name a few.  Ms. Spicer will also utilize her position as a popular TV Personality to promote Samoa through various televised interviews she has lined up.
Samoa Tourism Authority contributed to Tracey Spencer’s family travel experience with superb assistance from Polynesian Blue, Funway Rentals, Manumea Hotel, Le Lagoto Beach Resort and Aggie Grey’s Lagoon Beach Resort & Spa.

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