06 August, 2010

Visitors to Samoa Increase in June 2010

In comparing June 2010 to June 2009, a 3.4% increase was noted after a decrease of 6.6% that was seen in the May comparison. Although tourism has suffered severely from the global recession and the 29 September 2009 tsunami, this month’s modest expansion saw signs of better times to come. Whilst this increase is seen for the month of June, still a slight decrease of 1.9% is the overall result for the first six months comparison (Jan-Jun).
The share of visitors from New Zealand continued to strengthen in June, slightly up from its 42% share in May to 43% with a rise in total arrivals of 12.4%. Australia maintained its share of 16% in June and American Samoa made up 21% of the total market share (a 1% increase compared to the previous month).
Sports category came up strong in June with a 124.6% increase as a direct result of the sporting events that Samoa hosted during the month under review, such as the ANZ Pacific Nations Cup, Oceania Swimming Championships, International Netball Series and the Oceania Shooting competition.

Holiday was the main prupose of travel with a 41% share.  This is an improvement of 4.5% after a decline of 18.1% recorded in May.
Topping the visitor traffic for Samoa - NZ 43%, Australia 16% and American Samoa 20%, all contributed to 79% share altogether.
VFR and Holiday remained as main reasons for traveling making up a combined 75%.
Private facilities topped the figures with 52%, hotels 38%  and 10% did not state their place of stay
Polynesian Blue and Air New Zealand contributed carried 67% of the total visitor traffic.
June achieved a growth of 3.4%.
First six months (Jan-Jun) fell by 1.9% compared to the same period of last year. 

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