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It feels like we've heard this one before: 'Beautiful, undeveloped tropical paradise seeks underfunded travelers for discreet liaison. Applicants must enjoy no-nonsense budget buses and simple, idyllic beach hut accommodation (fales), owned by local families, who tend to throw in dinner.' As with so many places before it, we'd say get to Samoa soon. Best visited by jumping off from New Zealand or Australia, these islands are one of the best travel deals in the Pacific. Lonely Planet rates Samoa as one of the best value destinations for 2015.

Samoa is a laid-back paradise...this beautiful place has certainly cast its spell on me...We paddle out to the mouth of the ocean and when we spot a hole in the rock face that protects the beach we scramble through and find ourselves facing a string of even more idyllic lagoons. It feels as though we're the first travellers ever to have discovered them.
Read the full article by Nina Karnikowski of the Sydney Morning Herald.

To Sua Trench is your new happy place In Samoa...We've seen some amazing secret beaches in our day, but nothing quite blows the mind like a giant aquamarine swimming hole on a Samoan volcanic island. The Huffington Post shares the love for the To Sua Ocean Trench.

A morning of snorkelling...followed by an afternoon of relaxing in a beachside fale with a book, sipping from a freshly opened coconut and gorging on pawpaw with a squeeze of lime, is tonic for the soul…

...it is the natural beauty of Samoa that leaves a lasting impression on the mind and the soul. My nonchalance about waterfalls in general is turned upside down by the sheer grandeur of the 100-metre-high Papapapaitai Falls as they plummet into a deep, forested gorge. My soul is cleansed as I slip into crystal-clear waters to start each day, and my body is revitalised from the joy which comes from having to wear only one layer of clothing. Read the full article from NZ Life & Leisure magazine.

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