Latest information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Travel for Samoa.

Information for International Travellers 

Samoa will welcome international travellers into the country from 1st August 2022.


special travel advice for travelLers entering samoa:

Updated: 10 June 2022 

Expect Changes at Short Notice

Current Pre-departure Entry Requirements:

  • Must be fully vaccinated (12 years and above)
  • Must provide Proof of Vaccination
  • Negative Covid-19 Test (PCR 48-hours before departure or Supervised RAT 24-hours before departure)

1. With the current emergence of the COVJD-19 Omicron variants with imminent spread to other countries including Samoa; Samoa's borders are closed to all travelers except returning residents and essential workers only.

2. Airline carriers are encouraged to conduct pre-departure screening of passengers for signs and symptoms including temperature check and general condition.

3. All Travelers age 12 years and above including flight crew are required to be fully vaccinated with the prescribed 2 doses preferably of vaccines pre-qualified by the World Health Organization (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen-single dose, Moderna, Sinopharm. Sinovac. Covaxin. Novavax) before entry into Samoa;

4. A legitimate vaccine certificate is required for boarding. Being fully vaccinated implies completion of the required prescribed doses as per vaccine used. All should have completed 2 weeks (14 days) post vaccination prior to travel. The vaccine certificate must be a Health Authority Approved Certificate/Card of country where vaccination took place and should contain at least the following information:

    1. Name of Country
    2. Name of person - should be the same as name on passport or birth certificate
    3. National Identification/Registration Number if available
    4. Address of Clinic and contact details
    5. Name of Vaccine and Batch Number
    6. Dates of Vaccination (must show dates of vaccination including dates of booster doses)
    7. Name of Vaccinator (optional)
    8. Health Institution Stamp if available

5. A hard copy of vaccine certificate must be presented at check in and on arrival into Samoa for sighting and also during registration. Electronic documents on phones or other electronic device including email are NOT acceptable.

6. Passengers with medical conditions that deem them exempt for Vaccination must email the aforementioned email addresses in advance with a written report from a registered medical officer stating reasons for exemption;

The Ministry reserves the right to deny boarding if it is not satisfied with the medical report provided.

7. A Negative Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) - (RT-PCR, NEAR, TMA, LAMP or SDA) by Nasal Pharyngeal Swab or Saliva test required to be taken within 48 hours of departure from originating airport for all passengers including children and infants as well as flight crew. The test result must have the testing laboratory or Clinic letter head and stamp. Any results received by email or presented as InBox are NOT accepted. The lab result must be presented in hard copy on arrival in Samoa.


A Supervised NEGATIVE Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) done within 24 hours before departure from Originating Airport. The RAT must be supervised by a registered Health Care professional with a signed written report to be presented at check in and on arrival into Samoa.

All passengers exiting airports that they transit through must repeat a supervised RAT test before checking in again. Passengers transiting directly through without exiting any airport are not required to repeat a RAT test. 

8. Failure to provide a legitimate vaccination certificate and required NEGATIVE COVID-19 test will result in NO BOARDING or Denied Entry.

9. Passengers who have not been fully vaccinated or who fail to complete the 14 days after the second dose will be denied boarding.

10. All travellers are encouraged to have a booster dose done before travel to Samoa.

11. On Arrival into Samoa:

    1. All passengers are required to wear face mask at all times.
    2. All passengers on arrival must submit to a Nasal pharyngeal Swab for PCR testing or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).
    3. All passengers must fill in the arrival Health declaration form in flight and provide a valid local phone number and email/facebook address.
    4. All passengers arriving into Samoa with a negative test are NOT required to home quarantine.
    5. AlI passengers arriving in to Samoa are strongly encouraged to take precautionary and preventative measures within the first 7 days of arrival. This include but not limited to:
      1. Wearing of face mask when going out to crowded places;
      2. Refrain from attending gathering and going to crowded places; and
      3. Seek medical care if not feeling well and inform health provider of recent travel.
    6. All passengers are to arrange and have a supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) done at any health facility or private clinic on day 5 of arrival and report results to the Ministry of Health via email address surveillance@health.gov.ws. Self-Testing at home is NOT acceptable.
    7. Any passenger with a POSITIVE test must self/home isolate for 10 days from the date tested positive with a repeat test done on day 10
    8. All Positive RAT tests require a nasopharyngeal swab to be done for PCR and Genomic testing.


TRAVELLERS AND CREW ENTERING SAMOA MUST COMPLY WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS NOTED. Your compliance with the conditions listed is imperative in ensuring the safety of all travellers and your families in Samoa. 

All passengers intending to transit through to American Samoa, please take note of American Samoa's travel requirement which states;

    1. Travellers from Outside of the US and Samoa MUST be in the US or Samoa 72 hours and complete a COVID-19 test requirement to submit on Talofa Pass prior to boarding for Am. Samoa.
      1. A PCR test is required. home tests are not accepted
    2. Traveller from Samoa are required to register on Talofapass.as.gov 5 days prior to travel to the territory.
    3. Travellers are still required to wear a mask upon arrival
    4. Proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 remains as a requirement to travel to Am. Samoa.

The Ministry of Health appreciates your full cooperation and patience on arrival as you may experience long delays. 

We pray for your safe travel to Samoa.


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