Coffee Roaster Samoa

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup!

A small independent cafe in Apia where coffee is our passion. We serve all our coffees with a double shot.

We are the fastest coffee pit stop in town. 

Or, sit down and stay awhile - we do great coffees, breakfasts, sandwiches and more.

For those of you that have taken time out to the lounge and relax in our little coffee corner (whether for catch-ups or takeout), you would've maybe already gotten to know a little more on our heart for this business, and our primary focus on serving only the best of the best quality coffee. 

For some, it's simply just a warm cup of delight before another. But to others, and to us, it is art.

If you'd like to get to know more about the quality of and our simple but precise process behind what we serve, then do stick around to see exactly how it's done.

Or, if time is precious, order your coffee via text message!

When you do text please indicate the following. 

Size of the cup (large or small).

Required coffee type..e.g Flat White (FW) (L) or (S)

Your name for pick up ID.

+685 7588 246


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Mon-Sun 7am-1.30pm