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Samoa Cultural Village

Discover Samoa's age-old culture and traditions in a fun and interactive way at the Samoa Cultural Village on Beach Road in the heart of Apia.
Cultural Village tours

For a quick insight into Samoa's culture and traditions, visit the Samoa Cultural Village today. The Samoa Cultural Village features tapa making, traditional tattooing or 'tatau', carving cultural artefacts, the preparation of the "umu" or Earth oven, and so much more!

Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan Way.

Samoa is a traditional Polynesian society with Fa’a Samoa playing a vital role in village and community life. Samoans are proud of their strong Fa’a Samoa – which means ‘the Samoan Way’. It is the essence of the Samoan culture and dictates how Samoans are meant to behave and their obligations to their elders, superiors, family, community, church and the environment.

There are over 362 nu’u or villages in Samoa with a total of 1,800 matais (chiefs).

Churches of various denominations feature in every village while meeting houses and open fales or homes encircling the malae or village green.

Fa’a Samoa has a strong focus on welcoming visitors making Samoans friendly and hospitable hosts. However, Samoans expect their guests to observe and respect local customs.

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Adults – SAT$10.00 per person | Children from 6 – 12 years – SAT$5.00 per person | Children under 4 – FOC


Cultural Tours:10:00AM - 1:30PM