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Booking Samoa

Book a variety of services and activities in Samoa online and create memorable experiences

Another way to make your Beautiful Samoa experience even easier is to book with If you are on a self-dependent/self-exploring itinerary, this is the platform for you.

From accommodation to transfers, tours and activities/events to shopping and dining, you can book them via BookingSamoa.

This is a book-on-request service which will immediately notify your Samoa service partners via a dedicated app once you make a booking for a service of interest.

Whether it be a rental car, a restaurant or a fishing tour, your booking will be actioned by the supplier as they will immediately be notified by the app. 

We are now operating the following out of our office:

  • MotoSamoa
  • SUP Samoa 
  • AquaSamoa
  • Samoa Highland Adventures

Beautiful awaits!