Satuiatua Beach Fales

Located in the South Western coast of Savaii is Satuiatua Beach Fales. From beach fales to en-suite units built on a stretch of white sand under the shades of the cooling banyan trees, this family-oriented establishment will ensure they make you feel right at home.

Sauiatua Beach Fales is located on the South of Savaii, 57mins away from Salelologa Wharf, and 21mins away from the famous Alofaaga Blowholes. 

With our fales (bungalows) that are located on the beach, easy access for surfing & snorkelling nearby the reef. One of the top surfing spots in Samoa. In our open fale restaurant, you'll witness a couple of surfboards that were left as gifts from surfers who have stayed with us.  

We have recently installed 2 storey platforms to our treehouse for our guests to enjoy a book on a hammock, witness the beautiful panoramic view of the whole premises. Otherwise, if you want to put up a romantic surprise for your significant other privately, our lovely staff can set it up a memorable night for you and your partner. 

Getting married and dreaming of that tropical island paradise wedding? We got you! Our staff can put up promising and hassle-free preparation for your wedding day. To make the night more romantic, newlyweds are given the opportunity to stay comfortably in our ocean view unit with a balcony over the waters. 

Come & experience our warm hospitality and traditional Samoan meals. 


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