Taufua Beach Fales

Taufua Beach Fales is located on world-famous Lalomanu beach, regularly voted in the top 5 "Best Beaches" in the Pacific.


The beach consists of about one mile of shining sand, the blue lagoon, shining coral, some only a few feet from the shore, blue starfish and an endless variety of small and bigger fish - paradise for swimmers and snorkelers. A very special place for surfers too.

All fales are built in the traditional Samoan style of housing. A thatched roof on wooden posts, an elevated wooden floor. No walls - only when you want them. Closed fales have a veranda and timber wall panels to provide shelter or privacy; open fales have tarpaulins to give protection from rainfall. During the day woven mats are provided as floor cover; mattresses, sheets, pillows and a mosquito net ensure your comfort as our overnight visitor.

Fales are based on approx one mile of the beach of shining sand, a blue lagoon consisting of shining corals, blue starfish and an endless variety of small and bigger fishes - this paradise is for divers and snorkelers alike. Taufua Beach Fales is also a good base for surfers.

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