Faleolo International Airport
Faleolo International Airport

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Flying into and around Samoa

If you fly into Samoa, you’ll land at Faleolo International Airport. 35 minutes from Samoa’s Capital, Apia, on the main island of Upolu, it’s the gateway to your magical Samoan getaway. It’s not the only airport in the country - there are domestic ones (Asau and Maota) on Savai’i, the other main island, where most people commute between the two by ferry.

Faleolo International Airport

Faleolo is a modest-sized airport with the Samoa Tourism Information office, souvenir shops, two telco outlets (great if you need a local SIM card), two banks and several car rental companies. You can also grab a bite at one of the various restaurants and cafes. If you’re flying Business Class with Samoa Airways you’ll be able to enjoy the Samoa Airways lounge or you can purchase a single access pass for $50 tala.

There are plenty of options for getting from the airport to major tourist hotspots, hotels, resorts or beach fales.

Shuttle buses run regularly and can be booked before - or after - arrival, or you can take a taxi (it’s best to agree on a fare before you get on the road). You can also take a regular bus from the airport to Apia from the main road outside - a short walk from the terminal itself.

Flights between Samoa and American Samoa used to be between Fagalii and Pago Pago International Airport, however Fagalii airport is now closed, awaiting a new airport being built at Tiavea on the Southern Eastern side of Upolu Island which is closer to American Samoa. Flights are now directly from Faleolo to Pago Pago on Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Pago Pago International in American Samoa is about half an hour from the centre of Fagatogo on the island of Tutuila.

Fitiuta and Ofu

Samoa Airways also flys from Pago Pago to Fitiuta and Ofu Airports if you’d like to visit some of the more remote islands of Tau and Ofu in American Samoa.

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