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Currency & Banks in Samoa

It is wise to always carry cash in Samoa as not all businesses, including accommodation providers, or services, such as taxis, accept credit card payment.

The local currency in Samoa is the Samoan tala and sene, and this is the only accepted currency in Samoa. Prices are displayed using the standard dollar symbol ($) or a ST$ and sometimes WST$ (referencing Western Samoa, Samoa’s former name).


Cash is King

Most resorts accept credit cards, but for shopping at a market, eating at local restaurants, or taking public transport - cash is still the predominant payment method. Cash is also required for visiting beaches and other areas owned by villages, where you will often be asked for a nominal fee. 

Tipping isn’t customary in Samoa, nor is it expected, but it’s always well received and will help ensure excellent service.



International visitors can use credit cards in ATMs but must have a PIN to withdraw cash. There are many ATMs throughout Samoa but generally only in urban areas. So, ensure you top up with cash when you pass a bank or ATM. In Savai’i, ATMs are less frequent so you may want to withdraw before your trip over to the island. 


Exchange Services 

All major foreign currencies can be exchanged in Samoa and money exchange services are also based at Faleolo International Airport, in the capital city Apia, and at some major hotels and resorts. Money exchange offices open at the international airport to meet every arriving and departing flight. Most major foreign currencies are exchangeable.

Samoan tala can be purchased in Australia and New Zealand from most major banks, but don’t leave it until the last minute as branches will likely need time to order it before you depart. 




Samoan Cash Explained

Samoan Tala notes

ST$5 $10 $20 $50 $100


Samoan sene (cents)

100 Sene equals one Tala.

10c, 20c, 50c, ST$1, $2


Banks in Samoa 


ANZ Apia Main Branch

Beach Road, Upolu

9am – 4pm (Mon-Fri)

9am – 1pm (Saturday)


ANZ Vaitele

Vaitele Industrial Zone, Upolu

9am - 4pm (Mon-Fri)

Saturday - closed


ANZ Faleolo International Airport

Open only during international flights


ANZ Foreign Exchange

Fagali'i Airport, Upolu

9am – 5pm (Mon–Sun during flight hours)


National Bank of Samoa Salelologa, Savai’i

Bluebird Mall, Savai’i

9am – 4pm (Mon-Fri)

Saturday – closed

Samoa Commercial Bank Main Branch

Matafele, Apia


National Bank of Samoa Main Branch

Upolu Level 1 ACC Building, Apia


Bank Of The South Pacific (BSP) Main Branch

Cnr Beach Road & Vaea Street, Apia 


National Bank of Samoa Main Branch

Matautu, Apia