Staying Healthy

Staying healthy in Samoa means taking a normal level of care that is needed when visiting a tropical country.
Water and food safety

It's advisable to avoid drinking tap water unless it has been filtered.

Visitors to Samoa are advised to drink bottled water or boil tap water for at least two minutes before drinking. Alternatively, bring a high-quality filter or water purification tabs or drops.

Bottled water is readily available and affordable. It is recommended to only accept ice in a drink if it is prepared with treated water.

While most food is safe to eat in Samoa, it is always wise to be cautious. Ensure cooked food is heated sufficiently and take care of raw salads and poultry, including eggs.


Because of Samoa’s climate, dehydration can be a problem for visitors, particularly on active holidays. Always have plenty of bottled water with you and keep drinking it.

Prescription medication

If you need prescription medications, ensure you have a plentiful, properly-labelled supply to take to Samoa and take an extra prescription in case you need more. Always check with your doctor regarding regulations around medications.

Medical kit

If you're planning an active holiday in isolated areas, such as mountain biking or hiking, it is a good idea to bring a personalised medical kit.

Suggested contents include products to treat dehydration, mild stomach ailments and diarrhoea, standard pain relief, bandages, antibiotic cream and antihistamine creams and tablets.